" Human first " understanding
We present quality products and services to all individuals and corporates by taking human and life quality in the first place.

Trust and Trustability
We do our best to establish a trust basis for our all relation in & out of company. We promise for what we may do and we realise our promises on time and through a legal way.

We work for continous development with team spirit by respecting to society and environment. We share our experiences for further development by strengthening our success as a team.

We care the concordance between what we think, what we say and what we do. We care the honest and ethical cooperation with all individuals and corporates.

We share the knowledge with individuals and coprorates sincerely and transparently.

Creativity and Awareness
We support to find problems, think different, find solutions, create new knowledge from our current sources, creative thinking and use of new opportunities.

Success Oriented Sustainable Improvement and Alteration
We care to improve ourselve and our environment by chasing the improvements in the world and in Turkey and accomodate ourselves to developments, by being open to different mentality, by trying to see the future of current systems.

Mutual Respect
We care for mutual respect to all individuals and corporates we are in contact by giving highest value and listening each other carefully.

We take full responsibility of work and tasks and do our best to realise them as how it must be. We work by fully understanding, caring and adopting ourselves to our company vision, mission, merits, targets and aims.

Emre Pharmacy's Merits are defined at Staff Merit's Meetings.